Dry Eye Disease Solution


A new dry eye disease solution could soon be available to patients. In July 2016, Shire, a pharmaceutical company, won FDA approval for a product known as Xiidra, the first treatment for dry eye disease since Restasis was approved 15 years ago. The active ingredient in Xiidra is lifitegrast. Researchers are optimistic about its potential to treat a variety of symptoms and prevent vision loss.

 One such method is cyclosporine aqueous solution. This solution helps stimulate tear production by improving inflammation and reducing abnormal tear production. Studies show that aqueous cyclosporine solutions are effective at restoring a healthy eye. Those who experience sudden onset of dry eye should stop using any new products that may have caused the symptoms. Some patients may have an allergic reaction, and may need a prescription medication.

 Another dry eye disease solution is cyclosporine ophthalmic solution. Cyclosporine is a prescription medication that is administered through the eyes. This medication helps restore tears to damaged corneal tissues. It may be useful for treating severe dry eye disease, such as keratoconus. While the drug has not yet been approved for general use, the research has shown that it can be a useful treatment for many people.

 Some patients with mild cases of dry eye may find relief by using an artificial tear solution. These solutions can be used as often as necessary to supplement natural tear production. Ensure that the artificial tear solutions you buy are preservative-free as some of them may irritate the eyes. However, if artificial tears do not improve the symptoms, you will need to visit a doctor. Regardless of the cause, a medical treatment is likely the only option.

 Lifestyle changes can help reduce the severity of symptoms associated with dry eye. Increase the humidity in the home and avoid long periods of time in the sun. Additionally, consuming enough water and drinking more humidified water can help as well. While these changes can help, it is still important to consult your primary care doctor before making any changes. Finally, avoid wind and smoke and limit screen time. A healthy diet is also an important part of treating dry eye.

 If you are unsure which dry eye disease solution is right for you, a step-by-step approach is the best way to get the most benefit from them. Try one method at a time to see which works for you. For best results, seek professional medical advice. If you are experiencing severe symptoms, it may be time to consider surgery. A professional can assess your case and make recommendations. It is crucial to understand the cause of the dry eye problem before undergoing any treatment.

 A prescription-based dry eye disease solution is available for both patients and doctors. These CorneaCare treatments are designed to target the causes of inflammation and provide relief from symptoms. During the treatment phase, ophthalmologists will work with the patient to determine which treatment will be best for the individual. After the diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the best dry eye disease solution for your condition. This may include a combination of prescription drops and a medical device.

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